About FarmsOnLine

MPI Biosecurity New Zealand leads the biosecurity system which protects our health, welfare and livelihood but MPI cannot do this alone. By being part of FarmsOnLine, you are playing a vital role in helping preserve the things we value in this country.

If there's a biosecurity outbreak or other rural emergency, like a severe flood, the Ministry for Primary Industries, along with local and regional government and the emergency services needs to be able to contact property owners and managers quickly and efficiently to significantly reduce the damage that could occur.

The information you and others provide to FarmsOnLine makes this possible. Our aim is to provide accurate information and contact details for all rural and lifestyle properties.

We need FarmsOnLine because it's critical that there are systems in place to protect stock, crops and farmers' livelihood and the New Zealand economy. Our trading partners need assurance that we can respond effectively to disease outbreaks, and we need to reduce the chance and the extent of trade restrictions that could cost us millions of dollars. FarmsOnLine will have other significant benefits as well. The information collected in one place will make it easier for MPI and other agencies to develop really good policies which will secure the future of the rural sector. FarmsOnLine will also support research related to the rural sector, for things like animal plant and human health, and food safety.