Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand leads the biosecurity system which protects our health, welfare and livelihood but MPI cannot do this alone. By being part of FarmsOnLine, you are playing a vital role in helping preserve the things we value in this country.

You have visited the "public" view of FarmsOnLine. The view is restricted to information in the public domain. If you own or manage a farm or other rural property, we invite you to register with FarmsOnLine and advise us which property you are associated with.


  1. Find your farm using the search below – this will take you to the search farm screen for your farm. If you have multiple farms, FarmsOnLine will associate the other farms we already have associated to you, or you can add those after the initial registration process.

  2. Finding your farm – it will be easier if you have a street number (your rural rapid number). If you don’t have one, pick any of the farms on your road, and use the map to navigate to your farm. You can do this by panning (similar to other map systems – hold the mouse down and move around the map) or moving “down the road by clicking in the purple blocks. This will update the farm details as you move around. Zooming in using the zoom tool on the right hand side of the map lets you see more imagery (it takes a moment to respond) which may allow you to identify your farm by land marks. If you cannot find your farm, we’re happy to help, call 0800 4 FOLNZ or 0800 4 36569

  3. Once you have found your farm, click the register button. A screen will appear to enter your details.